Studio AMS

Red Carpet Amsterdam

Red Carpet Amsterdam ("Rode Loper Amsterdam") was launched in 2018 by Antoinette Dijkhuizen and Endymion Struijs.

Editions are regularly hosted in the ENDYMION Amsterdam Tower Studio (Beurs van Berlage, Damrak Amsterdam), around the corner of the Red Light District and along the extended "Rode Loper (Red Carpet)" route of Amsterdam (Amsterdam-North, Damrak, Rokin, Vijzelgracht to the Financial District).

For the majority of first-time visitors of the city of Amsterdam, their visits start at the Amsterdam Central Station (Damrak). Coincidently not only the North-South metro line runs this route, but also the major stakeholders, including but not limited to Euronext (Damrak), NxChange, AFM, DNB (Vijzelgracht), NBA , Banks and Investors (Financial District) are located along the (extended) Red Carpet Amsterdam.

The purpose of these sessions is to discuss current topics in public and live with a diversity of stakeholders.