Studio AMS

Orange Champions Amsterdam

This (social) - Sports Academy Amsterdam - program encourages the concept of "Mens Sana In Corpore Sano Amsterdam" (meaning "a healthy mind in a healthy body") based on the CPA Amsterdam methodology.

The phrase is used to express the theory that physical exercise is an important or essential part of mental and psychological well-being. Balancing collective (Citizenship), technical (Professionalism) and individual (Autonomy) interests.

The program encourages, in cooperation with a.o. vv CTO'70,: 

- the engagement within the Association ("Ethics" α-level) with "Verenigingsbestuur Amsterdam", "Train The Trainer Amsterdam" and "Referee Amsterdam";  

- the management of (soccer) Teams ("Soccer Academy Amsterdam" / "Culture" γ-level); and 

- the coaching of Athletes ("Calisthenics Amsterdam" and "Athletics Amsterdam" / "Behaviorism" β-level).

The program provides, powered by VirtuaGym, tech-enabled support with the management, coaching and engagement, of (soccer) Teams and Athletes (including Trainees and/or Players). 

Annually the (soccer) "BEDRIJVENCOMPETITIE Amsterdam" is hosted at vv CTO'70, located next to Duivendrecht station (NS/metro) en in the centre of the Financial Triangle Amsterdam "Amstel Zuidas Arena" district. Teams of companies in a.o. Financial & Tech industries participate. Companies ranging from established corporates to FinTech scale-ups.

Players of vv CTO’70's (soccer) teams participate in the companies' teams on an as needed basis, such that there's an exchange between on one hand the individual (student) players, i.e. potential future trainees and/or employees, and on the other hand the employees of the companies, i.e. potential future colleagues!