Studio AMS

Brussels Sprouts Amsterdam

BRUSSELS SPROUTS Amsterdam is a trainee development program for (pre-) Bachelor, Master and Post-Master students.
BRUSSELS SPROUTS Amsterdam develops (pre-) Bachelor, Master and Post-Master students in Citizenship, Professionalism and Autonomy with the purpose to prepare them for a future as a professional and/or entrepreneur.

BRUSSELS SPROUTS Amsterdam provides annual Summer Courses, with complimentary counselling by partners of ENDYMION Amsterdam, housing at the Campus, support with the Master Thesis, access to the facilities of SPORTS ACADEMY Amsterdam, and part-time working experience, if applicable, next to their studies through AXOLOTL Network on a.o. projects of ENDYMION Amsterdam, of other professionals services (accounting, law, tax) firms and of (FinTech) Start-/Scale-up companies.
BRUSSELS SPROUTS Amsterdam is operated by Stichting STUDIOAMS in cooperation with ENDYMION Amsterdam and AXOLOTL Network.