Studio AMS

Brussels Sprouts Amsterdam

BRUSSELS SPROUTS Amsterdam is a curriculum of foundation trainings on basic skills for both (pre-) Bachelor, Master and Post-Master students (AXL Trainees) and practitioners.

The BRUSSELS SPROUTS Amsterdam curriculum currently consists of the following (basic skills) series:

- BRUSSELS SPROUTS - Exact - Amsterdam
- BRUSSELS SPROUTS - Twinfield - Amsterdam
- BRUSSELS SPROUTS - Relationship Management - Amsterdam
- BRUSSELS SPROUTS - PowerPoint - Amsterdam
- BRUSSELS SPROUTS - Spreadsheet -  Amsterdam
- BRUSSELS SPROUTS - Word -  Amsterdam
- BRUSSELS SPROUTS - Mens Sana In Corpore Sano - Amsterdam

BRUSSELS SPROUTS Amsterdam is operated by Stichting STUDIOAMS in cooperation with ENDYMION Permanente Educatie B.V. and AXOLOTL Network.