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Axolotl (AXL) Amsterdam

The Continuing Permanent Education requirements for professionals and trainees, including but not limited to certified public accountants (CPA, RA), consists of the categories: 1) (development of) skills 2) (maintenance of) knowledge and 3) (consciousness of) attitude / behaviour.

AXOLOTL ("AXL") Amsterdam is a social program addressing the ("CPE") development of (training to be) practitioners' skills and apprenticeship for Bachelor and (Post-) Master students.

Axolotls, the regenerative contemporary inhabitants of a.o. Natura Artis Magistra, are amphibians with very unique traits: they reach adulthood without undergoing metamorphosis and have the ability to regenerate. A metaphor for what AXOLOTL (AXL) Amsterdam tries to achieve: on one hand keeping organizations forever young or innovative and agile by onboarding and contributing to the development of young professionals. On the other hand providing practitioners and students a safe and resilient environment in which they can develop themselves both professionally and personally. 

Skills for (continuing) development are in the area of Accounting & Reporting, Audit & Assurance, Business & Management and Ethics Culture Behaviour.

Please refer to the Agenda of this website to register for CPE events.

Apprenticeship is a system for developing a new generation of professionals with, counselling, on-the-job coaching and training. 

The AXL program includes: 

  • Counselling and coaching on the, next to the students' bachelor/master studies, (side) job at and by the partners of the program; 
  • Property & sports (on campus) facilities and an
  • Academy, i.e. participation in (peer-group-level) trainings.
The coaching on the (side) job is structured along the following AXL tracks:

  • AXL Social: students develop their social and hospitality skills by rendering support at Bars and Restaurants.
  • AXL Support: students develop their service-orientation and deepen their technical skills including:

    • AXL Finance: finance and accounting skills by rendering support to Accounting and Audit Firms as well as to chief financial officers (CFO) of scale-up (FinTech) companies.
    • AXL Legal: legal and regulatory skills by rendering support to Law and Notary firms
    • AXL Tax: tax compliance and advisory skills by rendering support to Tax -Law and -Consulting firms

  • AXL Soccer: students develop their collaboration (team), training, coaching, referee, and (organisational) leadership skills in soccer.

Students are welcome to apply by contacting Endymion Struijs (

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