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The Continuing Permanent Education requirements for professionals and trainees, including but not limited to certified public accountants (CPA, RA), consists of the categories: 1) (development of) skills 2) (maintenance of) knowledge and 3) (consciousness of) attitude / behaviour.

Consciousness of attitude /behaviour in the areas of Accounting & Reporting, Audit & Assurance, Business & Management, and Ethics Culture Behaviour. 

The consciousness of attitude / behaviour has both a mental and physical aspect.

By facilitating a platform where on one hand (professional) personal coaches and practitioners meet, and on the other hand a professional governance, risk, compliance (quality) system is maintained. Including a network of decentralized training studios and equipment, tech-enabled by the ATHLETICS Amsterdam by Virtuagym app.

In exchange of developing themselves both professionally and socially by contributing to society (citizenship), (professional) personal coaches are granted access to a network of professionals with a (lateral) demand for (professional) personal coaching. 

Practitioners are offered, as part of their PE-plan and portfolio, low barrier access to (professional) personal coaching, such that they enhance their physical and mental attitude and behaviour (autonomy). 

ATHLETICS Amsterdam encourages the concept of "Mens Sana In Corpore Sano Amsterdam" (meaning "a healthy mind in a healthy body").

ATHLETICS Amsterdam is a social program of STUDIOAMS Foundation. 

For more information please contact Endymion Struijs ( 

De integere advocaat-onderzoeker

Datum: 08 mrt 22
Auteur: David Schreuders

Onafhankelijk betekent in dit verband ‘autonoom’ en is dus niet hetzelfde als objectief of neutraal.