Studio AMS


The STUDIOAMS CPE events, based on the CPA Amsterdam methodology, cater for the continuing professional education requirements applicable to both candidate (bachelor / master students) and experienced and/or certified practitioners including, but not limited to Finance professionals (CPA, RA, RC, RE, RO, RV), and (tax) Lawyers. 

Permanente Educatie Amsterdam are (online and live) class room "update" trainings. Brussels Sprouts Amsterdam cover the (online and live) class room "foundation" trainings.

Green Table Amsterdam are series of "Peer Group" sessions hosted for specific stakeholders. 

The purpose of the Red Carpet ("Rode Loper") Amsterdam series is to discuss current (social) topics in public and live with a diversity of stakeholders.

The CPE (Continuing Professional Education) pillars: Competence (craft), Knowledge (expertise) and Behaviour (attitude), are curated in the Delta Works Amsterdam program and maintained through above mentioned CPE events. 

In the spirit of "Think local Act Amsterdam", annual series of "Dutch Caribbean Amsterdam" CPE (PE) events are hosted in Curaçao and Aruba. 

Please refer to the Academy section of this website for editions open for registration.