Studio AMS


CPA Amsterdam's fundamental principles are: Citizenship, Professionalism and Autonomy.

Citizenship is to act diligently in accordance with applicable technical and professional standards when providing professional services; and to be straightforward and honest in professional and business relationships;

is to maintain professional knowledge and skill at the level required to ensure that stakeholders receive competent professional service; 

 is the capacity not to compromise professional or business judgment because of bias, conflict of interest or the undue influence of others.

A Contemporary Public (stakeholders focused) Audit approach is borne by the audit risk model enriched with academic variables: "αIR * γCR * βDR" such that a.o. is adhered to the elements of the auditors' social relevance definition as per the Royal NBA's Reform Plan: i.e. signaling risks at clients in the area of fraud, non-compliance laws and regulation, sustainability, non-going concern and providing audit-comfort on information, good-behaviour and business integrity.

Amongst others, the RED CARPET ("Rode Loper") Amsterdam editions, with the purpose to discuss current topics in public and live with a diversity of stakeholders, and the DELTA WORKS Amsterdam and LIBRARY Amsterdam programs, which curate our competences and expertise, contribute to the continuous evolution of the Contemporary Public Audit (CPA Amsterdam).