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Contemporary Public Audit (CPA) Amsterdam professionals are "registeraccountants (RA)" (Certified Public Accountants - NL), members of the NBA (Koninklijke Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie van Accountants - The Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants).

CPA Amsterdam's fundamental principles are: Citizenship, Professionalism and Autonomy.

Citizenship is to act diligently in accordance with applicable technical and professional standards when providing professional services; and to be straightforward and honest in professional and business relationships;

is to maintain professional knowledge and skill at the level required to ensure that stakeholders receive competent professional service; 

 is the capacity not to compromise professional or business judgment because of bias, conflict of interest or the undue influence of others.

Professional services rendered by ENDYMION Amsterdam are based on the fundamental principles. 

End of 2014 the "In het Publiek Belang" report was the start of The Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants's large scale Reform Agenda and, in reply, the establishment of ENDYMION Amsterdam, Studio for Contemporary Public Audit.

ENDYMION Amsterdam has adopted a Contemporary, Public (stakeholders focused) approach towards Auditors' rendered (both audit and non-audit) professional services.

The traditional audit risk model is enriched with academic variables: "αIR * γCR * βDR" such that is adhered to the elements of the auditors' social relevance definition as per the Royal NBA's Reform Plan: i.e. signaling risks at clients in the area of fraud, non-compliance laws and regulation, sustainability, non-going concern and providing audit-comfort on information, good-behaviour and business integrity.

Since ENDYMION Amsterdam is an auditors' only firm, we are independent from any e.g. tax, law or notary practice. Our clients are Financial Industry linked entities and systems, including, but not limited to: 

- (Fin-)Tech,
- Venture Capital, Private Equity: Managers, Funds, Portfolio companies,
- Investment Management: Managers and Funds,
- International: Holding / Finance entities and Operating (group-) companies,
- Property, Infrastructure, Hospitality: Managers, Funds, Property companies,
- Capital Market listed entities,
- Banking and Payment Services Providers (PSP),
- Securities: Brokers, Dealers, Traders,
- Insurance: Life, Non-Life, Health
- Pensions: Funds and Service Providers.

ENDYMION Amsterdam is operated by:

- ENDYMION Amsterdam Coöperatieve U.A.,
- ENDYMION Consultants B.V.,
- ENDYMION Permanente Educatie B.V.,
- ENDYMION Accountants B.V.,
- ENDYMION Risk Services B.V.,
- ENDYMION Transaction Services B.V.,
- ENDYMION Recovery & Investigations B.V.,
- ENDYMION Accounting Advisory Services B.V.

Artists of Amsterdam - Dave Dekker: Zeg maar niets meer

Datum: 05 aug 19
Auteur: Endymion Struijs

ENDYMION Amsterdam is #proudsponsor of STUDIOAMS Artists of Amsterdam - ambassador - Dave Dekker Cover series edition: Zeg maar niets meer.

Rode Loper Amsterdam - Jan Bouwens: De toekomst van accountancy

Datum: 27 mei 19
Auteur: Jan Bouwens

We hebben weinig behoefte aan verdere scheiding tussen controle en advies, we hebben geen behoefte aan joint audits, we hebben wel behoefte aan auditcomissie die zijn verantwoordelijkheid neemt en een CFO die zich bescheiden opstelt in de richting van de controlerend accountant. Fouten kunnen we niet voorkomen wel mitigeren. Als we de kans op fouten binnen de assurance verder willen verkleinen dan zal een verhoging van de fee onontkoombaar zijn. Wellicht kunnen we targets stellen ten aanzien van kwaliteit om voor eens en altijd van de verwachtingskloof te beslechten!