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Endymion is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA-NL / RA) and IT auditor. He founded ENDYMION Amsterdam, Studio for Contemporary Public Audit, in 2015 with the vision that (future) individual CPA-s (registeraccountants) should be emancipated into a next level of independence.

The mission of ENDYMION Amsterdam is: "To encourage Trust, Design and Transparency in society."

ENDYMION Amsterdam (Coöperatieve U.A.), a cooperative association ("Coop"), is the public social networked infrastructure, which drives the ENDYMION's strategy, borne by the CPA Amsterdam's fundamental principles: Citizenship, Professionalism and Autonomy.

He is chairman of STUDIOAMS (Stichting STUDIOAMS). Since 2015, Endymion has hosted Permanente Educatie Amsterdam editions, based on the so-called CPA Amsterdam methodology, Rode Loper Amsterdam series, which has contributed to the reform of the audit profession in the Netherlands, and has partnered with Icons of Amsterdam.

The latter in order to strengthen the relationship between businesses and a.o. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Internationaal Theater Amsterdam ("ITA"), Natura Artis Magistra and AFC.

Furthermore Endymion has supported the development of contemporary talent artistically (Artist of Amsterdam, Dave Dekker, Red Light Jazz), methodologically (Brussels Sprouts Amsterdam) and, in the spirit of "Mens Sana In Corpore Sano", sportively (Sports Academy Amsterdam, vv CTO'70). 

All by leveraging on his competences as a seasoned CPA and his metropolitan network of individual (expert) professionals, (social) partners, stakeholders and clients, the so-called Amsterdam Metro System.

Endymion is on the boards of the NBA (Koninklijke Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie van Accountants - The Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants) Members Group of Public Accountants (LOA) and the pilot Faculty Ethiek Cultuur Gedrag ("ECG").

As a chairman of the working group "Audit Quality Indicators (AQI) - Legal Anchoring & Disclosure", he advised in 2020 the "Kwartiermakers Toekomst Accountancysector", who were appointed by the Minister of Finance.

Endymion also co-founded derivative concepts including AXL Amsterdam ("Driving regeneration AXL") en HFN ("The Liquid Workforce"). 

Curriculum Permanente Educatie Amsterdam - 2021 / NBA nieuw PE Model

Datum: 19 jul 21
Auteur: Endymion Struijs

Dit najaar biedt ENDYMION Permanente Educatie B.V. / STUDIOAMS een curriculum aan van Permanente Educatie Amsterdam edities, inclusief de door NBA verplicht gestelde onderwerpen (Continuïteit, Fraude), in: Amsterdam, Utrecht, New York (Americas), Singapore (Asia Pacific), Aruba en Curaçao (Dutch Caribbean)

Amsterdam Metro System (AMS)

Datum: 02 jan 21
Auteur: Endymion Struijs

In November 2020 it was world news when a metro accidently landed on a piece of art, i.e. a whale tail designed by artist and architect Maarten Struijs, coincidently also my father.

ENDYMION Amsterdam on TV (RTL Z - 22 November 2020)

Datum: 01 jan 21
Auteur: Endymion Struijs

ENDYMION Amsterdam on TV (RTL Z - 22 November 2020)