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Citizenship by ENDYMION Network

The establishment of the ENDYMION Network was in Amsterdam in 2015 when ENDYMION Amsterdam Coöperatieve U.A. was incorporated. 
With the vision that individuals should be emancipated into a maximum level of independence ("Independymion Amsterdam") by building a public social networked infrastructure borne by a cooperative association.

The cooperative caters the professional and personal ambitions by designing a public social networked infrastructure. Such that competences, at the discretion of the individuals, can be deployed in a diversity of applications.

ENDYMION Network has interpreted Citizenship, as citizen of the City of Amsterdam, into "Brussels Sprouts Amsterdam".

By supporting contemporary talent through social programs and partnering with "Icons of Amsterdam" including Stedelijk Museum, Natura Artis Magistra, Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA),  vv CTO'70, Amsterdamsche Football Club (AFC), T.H.C. Hurley, singer/songwriter Dave Dekker and Red Light Jazz Amsterdam.

And encouraging contemporary talent to develop themselves in Citizenship, Professionalism and Autonomy by providing them housing at the Campus, support with their Master Thesis, access to the facilities of Sports Academy Amsterdam, and a traineeship next to their studies through AXOLOTL Network.

was founded by Endymion Struijs, founder of Contemporary Public Audit (CPA) firm ENDYMION Amsterdam and Stijn Huijsmans, founder of GrowthBusters: the technology driven sourcing partner of choice for growing organizations and the staffing & recruiting sector.

On one hand, we have experienced that it is increasingly challenging for companies to find, attract and retain (future) talent without investing heavily in their HR / Recruitment functions.

On the other hand we discovered that, from a future career perspective of high potential students, the return on employment next to their studies is often low, due to a lack of counselling at the start and during the employment, (on the job) learning and development of personal effectiveness skills.

AXOLOTL Network offers, to selected hand-picked high-potential students, a traineeship (“AXL Traineeship”), tailored to the student’s individual situation and long-term career ambitions.

An AXL Trainee is:
  • interceded into a, long-term career relevant, flexible job at one or more employers,
  • counselled on study progress and job performance and
  • trained on personal effectiveness.

Students who have successfully completed the AXL Traineeship and their Master studies will reach pole position when entering the (full-time) labour market and will leverage on AXOLOTL Network’s relationships with partners in a.o., but not limited to high-end: Consulting, Banking, Audit, FinTech, Tax & Legal.  


Artists of Amsterdam - Dave Dekker: Zeg maar niets meer

Datum: 05 aug 19
Auteur: Endymion Struijs

ENDYMION Amsterdam is #proudsponsor of STUDIOAMS Artists of Amsterdam - ambassador - Dave Dekker Cover series edition: Zeg maar niets meer.

Rode Loper Amsterdam - Jan Bouwens: De toekomst van accountancy

Datum: 27 mei 19
Auteur: Jan Bouwens

We hebben weinig behoefte aan verdere scheiding tussen controle en advies, we hebben geen behoefte aan joint audits, we hebben wel behoefte aan auditcomissie die zijn verantwoordelijkheid neemt en een CFO die zich bescheiden opstelt in de richting van de controlerend accountant. Fouten kunnen we niet voorkomen wel mitigeren. Als we de kans op fouten binnen de assurance verder willen verkleinen dan zal een verhoging van de fee onontkoombaar zijn. Wellicht kunnen we targets stellen ten aanzien van kwaliteit om voor eens en altijd van de verwachtingskloof te beslechten!