Studio AMS


Our mission is to encourage Trust Design Transparency in society, borne by the CPA Amsterdam's fundamental principles. 

We have interpreted Citizenship by partnering with "ICONS of Amsterdam" including Stedelijk Museum, Natura Artis Magistra and Internationaal Theater Amsterdam (ITA).

By adhering to the ENDYMION Quality System Amsterdam, by curating and maintaining our expertise through DELTA WORKS Amsterdam, LIBRARY Amsterdam and editions of PERMANENTE EDUCATIE ("CPE"), RED CARPET (Rode Loper) and GREEN TABLE Amsterdam.

By the operating the BRUSSELS SPROUTS Amsterdam program, which integrates a Curriculum of training and counselling, (housing) Property and the (AXOLOTL Network) Agency.

And by developing emerging talent into contemporary citizens (apprenticeship) through social programs in: 

- Art,

- Music, and

- Sports. 

Below a selection of (social) partners explaining how they interpret Citizenship personally: